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Our team of highly qualified interpreters, selected from our global database of professional freelance interpreters, provides simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and ad-hoc or 'whispered' interpreting to ensure effective communication at international meetings and events. We can also provide the necessary equipment to ensure the organisation of your international meeting is both smooth and simple.


Simultaneous interpretation is a highly skilled, complex task, where there is no margin for error. It involves using interpretation equipment to allow our interpreters to render the message in the target language to listeners via headphones, whilst the speaker continues speaking in another language. This mode of interpretation is perfect for conferences, round-table discussions and international events and ensures seamless communication between those who do not share a common language.


Our consecutive interpreters are trained to take notes during a speech and render it immediately afterwards in the target language, using natural expressions and ensuring complete understanding of the speaker's message. This mode is perfect for meetings, ceremonies and after-dinner speeches.


Liaison interpreting involves relaying a speech in one language to small numbers of people in another language. This can be done after a short speech, sentence-by-sentence or through 'whispered' simultaneous interpreting. No interpretation equipment is needed for this mode of interpretation and it is perfect for small meetings or visits from small groups of international clients.
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